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Therefore, to effectively conserve biodiversity, we need to understand the processes that cause extinction, as well as those that give rise to new species. My research program explores the origin of biological species, using tropical birds as the primary study organism.

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Genomic evidence for convergent evolution of a key trait underlying divergence in island birds. In addition, we use our long-term field projects in the tropics to launch grass-roots conservation programs to protect imperiled ecosystems from habitat degradation and climate change.

Cooper, E. Although diverse in topic and approaches, a common goal in my teaching is to not only pass on information but to encourage and foster critical thinking. Our work explores how populations change to adapt to their physical and social environments, and how these changes, in turn, can result in reproductive barriers. Department of Biology. Speciation in Birds Our long-term work in the Solomon Islands takes advantage of a single species of bird with populations on the verge of splitting into several species.


Chaves, J. Cutie, M. Active background choice facilitates crypsis in a tropical crab.

Difference in plumage color used alberh species recognition between incipient species is linked to a single amino acid substitution in the melanocortin-1 receptor. These suggest that the origin of species can be initiated by intense selection acting on simple point mutations.

Cooper, A. Selected Publications Cowles, S. Second, we explore how populations change to more effectively exploit their biotic and abiotic environments, and how these changes can likewise lead to reproductive barriers and the maintenance of species boundaries. Sardell, J. Hendry, J.

Department of biology : university of rochester

Poelstra, R. For the past ten years, we have explored the ecology and genetics of plumage and song divergence, using a combination of genomic, and long-term field approaches. Ongoing long-term work builds on alber to further explore 1 the ecology and population genomics of adaptive changes, 2 the genetic basis of diverse plumage patterns, and 3 the consequences of divergent female choice.

Molecular Ecology.

Hybridization following recent secondary contact in asymmetric genotypic and phenotypic introgression between island species of Myzomela honeyeaters. Mutations in different genes mediate convergent melanism between isolated populations of an island flycatcher. In these projects, we use an integrative approach to determine the molecular basis and genomic consequences of adaptive change by combining ablert field observations and experiments with cutting-edge approaches in genomics, proteomics, and developmental biology.

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Therefore, to effectively conserve biodiversity, we need to understand the processes that cause extinction, as well as those that give rise to new species. Behavioral isolation and incipient speciation in birds.

J. albert c. uy

Department of Biology. For instance, we explore how changes in plumage color and song in birds, which are traits used in choosing and competing for mates, can result in premating reproductive barriers between populations. Molecular Ecology Uy, F.

Uy, J. To learn more about a documentary featuring our work in the Solomon Islands, please visit the Smithsonian Channel's website on " Islands of Creation " or click on the icon to the left.

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However, we still know little about the mechanisms that create and maintain this striking diversity. We explore, for example, how novel environments, including urbanization, drive changes for more efficient feeding and communication. Moyle, C. Evolution, Aobert Press. Serein, P.

J. albert uy

American Naturalist. Concannon, J. Moyle, C. Uy, J. Divergence in mating als has been shown to create and maintain reproductive isolation, yet the underlying genetic changes and selective mechanisms causing this divergence remain little understood.

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